Saturday, March 19, 2011


A simple open source file encrypter/decrypter using the AES-256 encryption standard. The installer will add a shell extension (a new entry in the Right Click menu from any file browser).


The utility is used by right clicking a file and selecting an action from the Lazar Crypter menu.

You can encrypt and copy or move a file (or files) by selecting the "Cut" or "Copy" and the "Paste" in the destination folder. The "Cut" and "Copy" is active only on files. If you select "Paste" on a file, the files parent folder will be used as destination. To encrypt and securely delete a file select the "Encrypt" menu. The tool will encrypt the file and overwrite the original files data with random data then delete it. The encrypted files extension is .LCR .

To decrypt, select an encrypted file and if you want to copy or cut then use the corresponding menu and the "Paste" or directly the "Decrypt" menu.

The .LCR extension is automatically associated with the tool and if you open an encrypted file the tool will decrypt to the temporary folder and open with the associated application.

You can check the integrity of the encrypted file by selecting the "Integrity check" menu.

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